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Since it’s still going to be a minute or weeks before we can all see each other in person, we’ve got an idea on how to put a little kick in the local music scene. ODP wants to see your BEST solo performance! If you are a vocalist, guitarist, bassist, drummer, or DJ/Programmer/Keyboardist, we want you to send us a video. It can be an original or cover or just you going off! Any genre accepted. You will have until June 1, 2020 to complete and submit your video to

Once we receive your video, we will narrow down the top 5 of each category along with the help of the online legion and then we will pass it along to our celebrity panel that will cull it down to the best 3. Of that group, we will randomly select members from each category to form 3 bands that will be tasked with creating an original song and a cover, which they will then battle out in front of a celebrity panel LIVE on stage. Winning project wins a cash prize and an opening slot for a national act.

Never been in a band? Not a problem. Take this next step just for fun.

In a band already? Not a problem, BUT it’s not about your current band, so please don’t send us your band vids for this project.

Haven’t been in a band for a long time? Not a problem! Dust off your weapon of choice and make pleasurable noises with others.

It’s an opportunity to do something new, something different, with others that you probably haven’t played music with before. Let’s see what we can build... together! (But separately at first.) SHOW US WHAT YOU’VE GOT!